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Straw Boys Irish Vodka

Straw Boys Irish Vodka

The brand name “Straw Boys” celebrates the theme of family, friends, and neighbors which is inherent in the story of Ireland. Crashing parties, particularly weddings, is a long-standing tradition, and in the West of Ireland wedding crashers were known as “straw boys.” Straw boys would obscure their faces with large conical hats made of straw, pop into the reception, dance with the bride and groom, have quick drink, and be on their way. Straw boys’ appearance at a wedding was a sign of good luck to the wedding couple. Our vodka is wheat-based and batch distilled in our copper pot stills. We hand bottle the vodka in 750 ml bottles at 80 proof (40% ABV) at our distillery in County Mayo. Straw Boys Irish Vodka has a rich mouth feel that is luscious,silky, and semi-sweet.

Straw Boys Irish Vodka is exceptionally well priced, particularly in light of its exceptional ratings*:

Grey Goose 96 pts $32.99

Straw Boys 94 pts $19.99

Stoli 92 pts $19.99

Russian Standard 92 pts $19.99

Tito’s 92 pts $19.99

KettleOne 89 pts $26.99

Absolute 88 pts $19.99

Chopin 87 pts $24.99

Belvedere 82 pts $31.99

*Beverage Testing Institute scores except for Tito’s, Absolut, Chopin, and Belvedere which lack BTI scores, using instead Wine Enthusiast scores

Beverage Tasting Institute 2017 Rating: 94 Points

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Straw Boys Irish Vodka

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