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About Us

Welcome to Oklahoma Spirits & Wine

Our motto is, "By Oklahomans, For Oklahomans."

We were created as a direct result of the new laws that go into effect on Oct 1st, 2018.
We felt like the many fine distilleries and wineries operating in Oklahoma deserved better representation and a lower wholesale markup than they were being offered from the big out-of-state corporations that have taken over the liquor industry in our state. We also felt that Oklahoma liquor stores deserved wholesalers who are focused on them instead of chasing the big corporate grocery store or c-store chains. We are locally-owned, locally-run and locally-proud to be small business owners in our great state. We want to be known as "Oklahoma's best wholesaler."

Oklahoma Spirits & Wine is selective about the products we represent and only want to put something on your shelves that works for you, the distillery or winery and, most importantly, the folks that shop your store. We believe in small business, in Oklahoma and in bringing you the best possible products at low wholesale markups so that you can increase your margin and reduce the cost to your customer.

At Oklahoma Spirits & Wine, we look forward to doing business with you for many years to come!
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