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Pecan Creek Winery

Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31002
Blackberry, Chambourcin, MerlotOne of our sweetest, "007 Blackberry" blends as many local berries as we can obtain with character, depth, and a smooth finish...
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31001
ChambourcinThe deep eggplant purple color starkly contrasts the rose petals and toasty maple sugar on the nose. Aged in Missouri Oak for at least eleven months its mouthwatering velvety beginning and the lingering plum notes are exciting and memorable.Pairs with herbed chicken and roasted meats and ..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31003
Chambourcin 80%, Merlot 20%A delightful red blend of Chambourcin, aged one year in stainless with some French Oak stave-aging.  Merlot juice added to the wine for sweetness, balance and richer tannins.  This wine has a great nose of dark cherries and vanilla with jammy flavors of boys..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31004
Chambourcin 90%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%Coyote Red is a medium bodied blend of Chambourcin and Cabernet Sauvignon. Packed with tart black cherries and dried fruit character that finishes soft and velvety. Black forest spices, wild mushrooms, and pomegranate all blend perfectly to produce "Coyote ..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31006
Cranberry and blend of red winesThis delightful blend expresses the fruity character of cranberries plus dark cherries, leather, and vanilla from the red wine blend.  The nose is instant cranberries, the finish is long and complex.  This wine can be served as a dessert wine with berry-topp..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31007
ChambourcinAged eight months in Kentucky bourbon barrels, this 100% single vineyard, estate-grown Chambourcin expresses more of its genetic parent (Syrah) in the dark purple color, peppery notes and the complex mélange of dark char, jam, black cherries and a hint of the former barrel contents. ..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31009
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and ChambourcinDeep and intense ruby red color with reflections of amber. Fern Mountain Sweet starts with cherry and finishes with mocha. Medium to full bodied, smooth on the palate, sweet tannins, balanced acidity, with a subtle finish. While not in itself to be consider..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31010
HoneyMade in the traditional, year-long process, this Meade is our sweetest wine.  At 8% residual sugar, this is the sweet wine drinker’s delight.; balanced, low acidity and alcohol...
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31011
Peach with a blend of white wines. We have found that fruit wines made entirely from fruit is boring.  Judicious blending with grape wines gives better body, finish, acid balance and complexity while the fruit tells you just what you are drinking.  Our peach wine makes a terrific po..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31008
VignolesCascades down your glass with stunning fragrance of citrus and grapefruit. Truly a wine of passion and presence and grown entirely on our estate vineyard, this wine is remarkable in its sharp acidity and a long finish.  Reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc, Estate Vignoles can be served anywh..
Brand: Pecan Creek Winery Model: 31012
Cabernet SauvignonThis timeless red sustains intense fruit and ripe subtle tannins lend depth to the palate. Sophisticated and elegant; barrel-aged and full-bodied with succulent fruit flavors.Pairs well with aged cheese, Italian dishes, prime rib...
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