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Brand: Connacht Distillery Model: 2020034
The brand name “Straw Boys” celebrates the theme of family, friends, and neighbors which is inherent in the story of Ireland. Crashing parties, particularly weddings, is a long-standing tradition, and in the West of Ireland wedding crashers were known as “straw boys.” Straw boys would obscure their ..
Brand: Connacht Distillery Model: 2020030
Ballyhoo Irish Whiskey begins as a top quality Irish grain whiskey with a mash bill of 93% corn imported fromFrance and 7% malted barley. We bring this sourced grain whiskey to our distillery in County Mayo and age itfor six months in once used port barrels from Portugal. This second aging step soft..
Brand: Connacht Distillery Model: 2020033
Brothership Whiskey combines 10 year old American whiskey with 10 year old Irish whiskey tocreate something entirely new–the first true Irish-American whiskey. The flavors of the twowhiskeys meld nicely together into an easy drinking whiskey that is amber in color, and nicelyflavored with great bala..
Brand: Connacht Distillery Model: 2020031
Loch Conn and its smaller, twin lake to the south, Loch Cullin, are known for their purity and outstanding trout and salmon fishing. They also are the water source for the Connacht Distillery. We named our premium gin, Conncullin, in tribute to this pristine water. The base of our gin is a premium g..
Model: 202010051
Fresh cane juice from estate grown sugar cane is slowly fermented then distilled in copper pot stills to remove impurities, and develop a rum with excellent aroma, texture, and pure, clean flavors. The rum is then aged in medium charred American oak barrels for six years. At the same time, molasses ..
Brand: Connacht Distillery Model: 2020032
Every so often, we find some barrels of fabulous Irish whiskey, and when we do so, we bring it toconsumers under our Spade & Bushel label. Our first Spade & Bushel offering is a single malt Irishwhiskey that has aged for at least 10 years in first-fill select bourbon barrels. We present it a..
Model: 202010052
Deadhead dark chocolate rum was inspired by ancient recipes used by Mayan and Aztec Emperors. Rich, full-bodied, rum is infused with locally sourced, decadently dark, slow roasted Cacao. The delicate infusion process enhances the natural qualities of the aged rum, allowing the chocolate and rum to e..
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