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Conncullin Irish Gin

Conncullin Irish Gin

Loch Conn and its smaller, twin lake to the south, Loch Cullin, are known for their purity and outstanding trout and salmon fishing. They also are the water source for the Connacht Distillery. We named our premium gin, Conncullin, in tribute to this pristine water. The base of our gin is a premium grain spirit that has been distilled four times, but the real magic occurs when the signature botanicals are infused with the base spirit and distilled together for a fifth time. This 12-hour distillation yields only 450 liters of the finest distillate. The whole process is carefully monitored and only the “heart” of the distillation is retained for bottling. This classic distilled gin is then rested for a minimum of ten days, allowing the essential oils from the botanicals to develop fully. This is a critical step and is a signature aspect to our approach, which is often skipped by other distillers. Conncullin Irish Gin has a beautiful berry nose but finishes big and bold with nice juniper notes and hints of botanicals. Unlike many of the gins currently distilled in Ireland, it is presented at 94 proof (47% ABV), which is in keeping with US expectations and stands up to the premium and flavored tonics currently on the market.

Beverage Tasting Institute 2017 Rating: 92 Points Gold Medal

Wine Enthusiast Aug. 2019 Rating: 91 Points Gold Medal

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Conncullin Irish Gin

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